's FAQs about the site and our sample libraries
Beat Producer

Our FAQs...

  • Who should I contact is I have any problem with an order?
    Please contact us through the site and we'll respond within 24 hours if at all possible. You may have arrived at the site from somewhere else but please refer all order or support queries to us.
  • How are my purchases delivered?
    You should get an e-mail with a download link almost instantly after you finalise your order. If you don't get one please check your spam filter as this is often the issue.
  • My download is slow - why's this?
    Downloads are only as fast as the weakest link in the 'chain'. We use Amazon S3 to deliver our downloads which uses cloud technology and offer the best available deliver option by making a version of every download available locally wherever you are. It still has to reach you through a few links and of course your own internet connection. Cable broadband is better than DSL and other alternatives better or worse than these. ISPs often sell hi speed services based on burst speeds rather than sustained rates and large downloads like these often show up these hidden flaws with their services - this is particularly true of DSL. You get a real-time progress report in most browsers showing speed and progress so far. We've downloaded every product offered to check they worked for us - a huge task! We found Safari to work OK, but Firefox was a bit better, so if you have a choice maybe use Firefox.
  • Do you have any downloading tips?
    Safari is OK, Firefox was more reliable in our tests and we didn't use any PC browsers when testing the site. Be aware that many ISPs 'con' customers with burst speed specifications rather than sustained ones. You may discover this when downloading files of hundreds of megs or more in size. Be patient though. Do not stop and start downloads because they slow. If they stop in Firefox at least though you can pause and then restart them without any problem. This give them the nudge they sometimes need. Downloads are limited as described in your purchase mail, avoid letting them expire. If you hit any problems though simply contact us - we'll sort things out one way or another.
  • How can I stay up-to-date with new releases, offers and other news?
    Aside from visiting us regularly the best idea is to join our mailing list. We'll only mail you around once a month on average - 10-15 times a year max - and never pass on your details to any third party. We also have a KVR forum where you can ask questions too.
  • Can I use the demo files in my music?
    No they are demo only - provided just for you to hear a few of the samples from each library. Not ideal, but better than nothing.
  • I can't access my downloaded file - what should I do?
    If you had a glitch when you first tried and now can't access or your download, or get any other error message, please contact us. Don't panic, we'll get your samples to you one way or another. If you have the worst ever dial up connection we'll even send you a disc if really necessary. Just get in touch and we'll figure something out asap.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay using your credit card (all major ones are accepted, including Amex) or PayPal, transactions are handled securely with various checks made. If you ever hit any problems (usually non-US customers) then please feel free to contact us and we'll try and sort something out manually.
  • In placed and order and appear to have been charged but don't have any links?
    When you place a credit/debit card order your bank often authorizes the transaction and sets aside the funds even though the transaction may then be declined by our card processors. So if you try to order on, say, two occasions but don't successfully complete the transaction it may look as if you've been charged twice. Once your transaction has been successful you will receive an e-mail with download links (where applicable) within minutes, usually seconds of the transaction being completed. If you get no mails you didn't pay despite what it may look like on your bank account. Banks typically automatically released the funds they've set aside in about 24 hours so you don't have to do anything. However the practice does often cause a lot of confusion. If in any doubt please check with your bank. In many cases you'll find this is the scenario that has played out. Of course if we find there has ever been any payment actually made and no links provided we'll sort it out asap!
  • I just placed an order but I haven't had any links - why?
    It could be for a number of reasons but let's assume you have actually paid (see other questions about when you are sure you've paid but actually have not) using PayPal maybe. You can have made your payment but not be given your download links until your order has been manually checked. This is because there are a number of security filters applied that pause orders that the system thinks may be fraudulent. One of the most common issues is an unconfirmed PayPal address, so it's always worth taking the time to have that done to make sure on-line transactions run smoothly. If you do get paused it just means a human has to make the call and either wave you through or contact you for more details. If this happens you apologies but hopefully it won't cause a very long delay, although this will depend on when the transaction takes place.
  • How long do downloads take?
    You should get a mail confirming your order with download links straight after you order. If you don't see one check your spam filter. Of course how long the download actually takes to complete varies mainly depending upon it's size but also your internet connection. Files all use Amazon's S3 state-of-the-art cloud delivery system so you should get the best performance that is technically possible within existing limitations of the internet as a whole.
  • Can I sell my samples on
    Maybe. Contact us with details of your library. We'll check it out and discuss terms if we like what we hear. We can set things up so you're mailed as sales are made in real-time, etc.
  • Do you have an affiliate scheme I could join?
    Yes. Please check out detail in full on our affiliate page and contact us for more specific details or with any questions you may have.
  • Where can I find out more information about these products?
    Visit the dedicated sites for the products you're interested in if you need more info. is primarily a shop although we've tried to included more than enough info on most titles you may want more on virtual instruments in particular. Links to our dedicated sites are available in the sidebars on most pages of the site.
  • Are there demo versions of your virtual instruments?
    Not for Kick-Ass Brass! aside from the audio demos. Although there are demo versions of ONE and SOLO. For these and complete info you're best advised to visit
  • Can I buy downloads wherever I live?
    Yes. The previous version of the site had the files hosted in the US which made downloads more reliable. We've now switched over to using Amazon cloud technologies which means that coverage is now globally pretty much as equal as it can ever be.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We don't give refunds under any circumstances because of the nature of our products. However we will equally do whatever is necessary to make 100% certain you get the product you ordered one way or another. If we are unable to complete the download for any reason we will send you a physical version of any product to make sure you get what you ordered.
  • How do I authorise AMG Software titles?
    See the dedicated site and your PDF manual for full details including help videos of specific products. We are working on updating, improving and automating our authorisation system in the near future.