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REX Files

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Originally developed by Propellerhead's for Steinberg's Cubase, REX files are now an industry-standard format read by all leading music software. AMG released the World's first REX1 (mono) and REX2 (stereo) libraries and have one of the biggest and best catalogues around still today - our full range of products for REX titles can be found at so visit there for many more titles and demo downloads. Of course REX files are also the ideal 'food' for AMG's amazing ONE Virtual Instrument too. In the future watch out for more EXCLUSIVE, download-only releases in the future that will only be available here.

A great selection are available here for instant download including...

Grungy REX Files Drum Loops

DirtBag - REX Files from Simeon

Simeon delivers another collection that builds on his legacy of the internationally acclaimed Vinyl Frontier CDs! This collection not only features loads of his trademark beats, Mini Tracks (with isolated elements!), specially performed bass lines, synth sequences, FX, Pads and more! If you want a grungy collection of dance samples that drips with attitude then look no further. 
“All in all, Dirtbag is definitely a good experience. Simeon’s signature sounds are present everywhere on this CD which are a definite formula to success. The greasy fretless bass lines are GORGEOUS and the clean, nicely tendered mastering has left me drooling for the type of studio he has.” - Reasonfreaks
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Coldcut Samples REX Files

Coldcut's Kleptomania!

5 star rated DJ Dance Sample Library from four of the best ears in dance music!
"Coldcut's samples are raw, wicked and packed into the terraces...the quality of the music content is very high...quite brilliant, and definately going into my S770...this CD represents another 'must have' for any serious dance enthusiast." - Sound On Sound "...this CD is meaty...Probably the most DJ friendly thing not on vinyl." - Mixmag Update "...this library is built to be exploited...Used properly, these sounds are one of the secrets of modern dance music...pre-selected for you by four of the best ears in the business." - Music Technology "...well over 1,000 samples crammed onto this disc awaiting artful regurgitation." - Melody Maker 

AMG Superb Samples Award
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Drum Bass DnB Samples

Prototype Drum&Bass REX Files

Steve Proctor of Hard Knox fame delivers a massive collection of hard-hitting Drum&Bass samples that take over where 160dB and 260dB left off! A powerful, hard-hitting drum'n'bass library packed with audio dynamite to transform any mix. This massive collection includes Song Kits (with all their solo elements), drum and percussion loops, swing riddums, bass, drum hits, FX, and many more highly effective hits and riffs that will not disappoint. There's also a comprehensive selection of hits and one-shot sounds including vocals, FX, chords, basses and extensive dance drum hits that have been road-tested to cut through any mix.
"Steve manages to create a special uniqueness from other drum and bass releases... has the potential to give any track, I mean it, ANY track a sharper edge... Spectacular. Absolutely spectacular... can really give any music maker some great inspiration... as per AMG's usual style, reach the high mark in quality and sound... One of the things that the reviewers here at Reasonfreaks agree on: AMG is all about consistency when it comes down to their drums... This is definitely worth checking out. 9/10." - Over 300 loops, 344 Megs
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Percussion REX Samples

The Rhythm of Life - Danny Cummings & Miles Bould

Arguably still, to this very day, the finest percussion CD ever recorded! Hundreds of immaculately performed solo and emsemble percussion loops. Instruments featured include: Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Udu, Bata Drums, Sabar & Sarouba, Shakers & Rainmakers, African Shakers, Gongs & Hand Cymbals, Cowbells, Agogos, Tambourines, Guiro, Talking Drum, Bells, and many more! This is one of the best percussion CDs we, or anyone else, has ever released. If you haven't heard it check it out, you won't regret it
"Immaculately played and recorded in good as the best in the Synclavier Library...inspirational to work with. It's sonic credentials are impeccable...A connoisseur's product." - Sound On Sound
"This should stand up as a shining example to anyone thinking of producing a sample CD...this is something special and more than useable - inspiring...sound quality is superb, as is the playing...A classic." - Melody Maker
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Drum Loops REX

The Progression - Miles Bould

Long awaited 'sequel' to the legendary 'Rhythm of Life' CD! Another classic with both unique performances, drums included with many loops and creative processing.
"a truly creative and highly organic feel...In conclusion, this is a flamboyant percussive showcase crammed full of highly usable and superbly musical material which would fill a place in any sample user's CD rack like a long-lost friend. 5 Stars" - SOUND ON SOUND
ONLY available direct from AMG! Check out demo on Audio Demos page
5 Star Review AMG Samples
Hip Hop Samples Beats

Urban Search & Rescue - Lukecage

Superb collection from Lukecage the hip hop maestro! This CD has a 70s R&B vibe. Another outstanding collection of 85 loops typically including drums, bass, melody and any other elements in isolation too so you can easily remix everything to perfectly suit your application. This is a library that must be heard, it's something very special.

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