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Reason ReFills contain content - see each title for full details - specifically designed for use with Propellerhead's amazing Reason software! Typically REX files, NN19/XT patches, Synth Programs and even demo songs - but check each item for full details. AMG released the World's first ReFill and have one of the biggest and best catalogues - our full range of products for Reason can be found at our dedicated Reason ReFill site so visit there for many more titles and demo ReFills. In the future though watch out for more EXCLUSIVE, download-only releases in the future that will only be available here.

A great selection are available here for instant download including...

Vince Clarke Reason Library Lucky Bastard

Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard

The legendary sample library from Synth Guru Vince Clarke is now available as a Reason ReFill. Vince is one half of Erasure and founder of Depeche Mode, Yaz(oo) and The Assembly.

Aside from the original library there are a load of new samples plus specially created Reason synth patches by Vince himself - all wrapped up in one affordable ReFill - download it now!
160dB Drum Bass Reason Sounds for drum

160dB: The Drum&Bass Interface

The Universally admired drum 'n' bass library by N-Jay was the World's first ever ReFill. It swept the board getting top ratings in reviews all over the World and to this day is turned to by thousands of modern music makers on a daily basis. Not only for D&B but this thoughtful, diverse palette of sounds is the staple of many producers most used libraries. Available in all formats - but the ReFill is really something special - grab it via instant download now!
Vintage Keys Reason ReFill

Dirty Ol' Relics

An amazing ReFill featuring a huge library of vintage keyboard sounds - all specially produced by Dr. Xeno. Instruments included in this collection:
Accordion -Arp Solina String Machine - Clavinet - CS80 Brass Patches - DX7 Electric Piano - Fender Rhodes Electric Piano - Harpsichord (Double and Single stop) - Piano (Acoustic Stereo and Dance) - Organs : Hammond B3 (Five different stop settings), Casio, Pipe Organ Mellotron Strings and Choirs Mini Moog Wurlitzer Electric Piano Grab a bit of history and download this amazing ReFill now!
Microwave Reason ReFills

O.Range MicroWAve XT ReFill

The O.Range Microwave XTension refill CD is an ultimate collection for Reason users, providing a virtual version of the Microwave in their NN19. The ReFill features 216 NN19 presets, 8 Redrum Kits and 65 REX2 loops, in addition to approximately 822MB sound samples jammed into one ReFill. The REX files are also included outside the ReFill so you can do your own tweeking. It's all here; wild leads, phatt pads, extraterrestrial ambients, killer basses, morphing arpeggios, vivid strings, from soft and warm analogue sounds to ice-cold tones - you will find everything you need! Don't forget these are only where you start - with the MicroWave XTension you can create your own sonic universe! Check out demo on Reason ReFills Audio Demos page
Synth Reason Library

Sonic Data ReFill

Massive 1 gig Synth ReFill the biggest and best synth ReFill for Reason! Sonic Data features over one gigabyte of samples compressed into a monster ReFill of 202 NN19 instruments, 48 NN19 textures and 228 layered patches for the NN19XT. All include mod wheel variations for extra control and LFO sync so they always evolve on the beat. It's all here, strange textures and FX, giant pads, deep basses, LFO synced madness and much more.
Review Highlights "The textures are lovely, they almost seem alive... an out of this world feel that makes the listener gasp for breath... pick this up - it rocks the house. 9/10." - 
Check out demo on Audio Demos page
Celtic Reason Library

Complete Celt ReFill

A special collection of Celtic multisamples created by the team that brought you the two volume triple audio CDs of licks - Complete Celt! All instruments are carefully sampled note-for-note and instruments featured are: Accordion - Left & Right Hands - Bagpipes (Hi G, Lo D) - Natural & Equal Tempered tunings of each - Celtic Fiddle - with and without vibrato - Mandolin - damped, open and tremolo - Uillean Pipes - original & tuned - Whistles - Hi C, Hi D, Lo D
A stroke of genius or the first signs of insanity? You decide! Check out demo on Audio Demos page

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