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Over 25 years at the cutting edge of sampling - we have produced some of the most famous and best sample libraries ever produced and scored a number of notable firsts along the way too - first Apple Loops library, ReFill, REX1 and REX2 - Pascal Gabriel’s Dance Samples was the first original dance sample library, big name producer and David Ruffy on Drums the first live drum loop library and also featured velocity switched single hits too. We are proud to have worked with many talented artists over many years including Vince Clarke (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yaz), JJ Jeczalik (Art of Noise), Tim Farriss (INXS), Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), and many more. Find their amazing work here!

How to order... offers you the fastest way to get the highest-quality sounds around and is very easy to use...

1. Simply visit the shops for the products you're interested in - adding the ones you wish to order as you go.
2. You can review you cart at any time from within any of the shops by clicking on the cart at the top of the page. It'll show your items from every shop.
3. Checkout from your cart at any time. Select the e-junkie checkout option if shown. You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.
4. Once you have completed your order you'll receive an e-mail with your download links and any serial numbers necessary. Download using your favourite browser - we have found Firefox to be the most reliable. If you don't get any e-mail please check your spam filter.
5. If you have any problems use the 'Contact Us' button on every page to get in touch. We'll resolve any issues asap - usually within 24 hours.


Exchanges and Returns At, we'd like to help you resolve a purchase problem as quickly and easily as possible. Please mail us using [email protected] explaining any problem you may encounter. We'll provide you with fresh download links and answer any queries as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, because of the nature of software and sample content, we cannot offer any exchange, refund or return unless the purchased product or download is found to be defective and we are unable to rectify any defect within a reasonable time if so. 
Warranties At, all products are sold with their respective manufacturer’s warranties. 
Order Acceptance appreciates your business. reserves the right to, at any time, after receipt of any order, from any customer, and without prior notice, supply less than the quantity ordered of any item or to cancel an order and apply the appropriate refund if this is necessary.
Shipping Orders for physical products placed should be shipped within 24 hours unless your are notified otherwise.
Payment accepts credit cards or Paypal payments only. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us, however these systems are the most suitable for a download site. Sorry, no personal checks accepted.
Credit Card: accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express and there is no surcharge for using your credit card with us.
Product Specification All products specification and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
Overseas Orders Billing address must match billing address of credit card. Overseas orders will not be processed or shipped to an address other than the billing address. 
All physical items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that country's national laws. Customs duties and taxes are assessed, generally, if the merchandise is dutiable and the value of the item is above the threshold set by the country's laws. If duties and taxes are assessed on an item mailed via the Postal Service, they are collected from the recipient. In addition, for most countries, there is an administrative fee that is collected from the recipient to cover the costs of clearing the item through customs and collecting duties and taxes. For instance, the administrative fee in the United Kingdom is 6.50 British pounds for airmail parcels and 11.25 British pounds for Global Express Mail; in 23 countries in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Monaco, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, San Marion, Vatican City, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Adorra, Gilbratar, Sweden, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) the administrative fee is 17 Euros for Global Express Mail and Global Airmail Parcel Post; and the administrative fee in Canada is $5 Canadian for Global Airmail Parcel Post. Business mailers have the option to pay the duties, taxes or fees to certain countries through an International Customized Mail Agreement.
If you want to learn what the threshold for duties and taxes is for a particular country, you can go to for general information or visit the Web site of that country's customs service.

Privacy is a leading Internet-based reseller. Our goal is to offer a superior product selection, industry-competitive prices, fast if not instant delivery, and the highest level of personalized service found online - all through innovative use of today¹s latest technology.
Privacy Policy Because takes your privacy very seriously, our state-of-the-art site employs the very best security measures available to protect you. Our primary means of protection is SSL technology which encrypts all your personal information, including your credit card data, and prevents it from being intercepted over the Internet. We will never share or sell your personal information, including your email address, to other companies for any reason, except as required by law.
Of course, if you still don¹t feel comfortable sending your credit card information over the Internet, you can always order by phone. E-mail us on [email protected] and we'll call you back.
Several sections of our site offer links to other sites. Although we make every effort to select sites that we feel might be of interest to our customers, we cannot guarantee your privacy when linking to one of these sites.
1. What information do we gather? At, we use Cookies to track your stay at our store. The cookies do not gather any information from your computer or profile your system, but are necessary in order to use our site properly.
There is one place on our Web site where we collect your personal information: During the checkout phase of your buying process. Depending on the information needed to complete your request/order/service, you may be required to submit a maximum of your name, Company, email address, telephone number, shipping address, and type of payment.
2. What organization is collecting the information? collects and stores information in our secure and confidential database. Intermediaries are used only to handle credit card processing and product fulfillment. A 3rd party credit card verification company handles all credit card processing.
3. How do we use your information? We have three main uses for your personal information: tracking your visit at, processing and shipping your order, and being able to contact you a) at your request, b) because of an issue with your order, or c) for occasional special offers.
We do not track your visit by name but rather, by buying habits. We use this information to stay informed about our customer's needs and to make sure we are offering the best products and services available. Your telephone number is used only if we have questions or need to reach you immediately regarding your order.
We do not store credit card information on our site, nor does our 3rd party credit card verification company. This information is always requested on a purchase-by-purchase basis and it is used to process your order only. Your name, address, telephone, email, and shipping address all remain private in our secure database.
4. With whom will your information be shared? We will never share or sell your personal information, including your email address, to other companies for any reason, except as required by law.
5. What choices are available to you regarding collection, use, and distribution of the information? In order to complete any request/order/service, it is necessary for you to enter a minimum amount of information. The required fields of entry are always marked with an asterisk. All other fields are optional. You always have the option of entering your credit card information on our site or calling one of our Customer Care Representatives to provide it over the phone.
6. SSL Technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is presently the safest way to send credit card information over the Internet. Information is first encrypted on your Computer, then decrypted on our side, preventing anyone from accessing any information in between. To ensure your security, we recommend the use of SSL-capable browsers, like Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.
7. What if our policies change? Should the need to change any of the above stated policies arise, the new policy will be posted.

License Information

All purchasers of downloads must adhere to the license terms usually included as a PDF file with the downloaded audio files. Some downloads will require the completion of a written license (see below for more info), if there are no license terms included then the written license applies by default. 

AMG introduced the first clear, concise written license agreement for all our new releases since 1999. This still applies to physical products but it's not really appropriate for a direct download site. Therefore we are applying the same license agreement to all downloads from the site where a written license would normally apply without the need for the purchaser to complete the written license as we will have your details when you place the order along with the time you ordered. These details therefore tie you to that product under the terms of the license. Additionally, because we will have your details upon purchase, we are able to waive the need for credits or supply of products if samples are used so basically if you've bought the samples here you're able to use them in your music (under the license terms) from that time onwards, although courtesy credits are always welcomed and good manners anyway really. ;-) Full details of the license terms are available using the links below, remember the terms still apply although the actual communication of your details and any usage is now waived as this info is automatically collected by purchasing direct.

The products we released prior to introducing the written license will have their own license terms and vary slightly from case to case. Fundamentally though they all boil down to you being able to use the samples in your music (except production/library music) once you have purchased the library in question. So effectively you should consider that the written license applies to all products although this isn't technically the case.

You can download our licence agreement and our FAQs in English, Japanese, Italian and French if you wish to read it before buying any of our newer releases to which it applies:

English Licence FAQ
Licence FAQ
Licence FAQ
Licence FAQ

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